Branding that knows you better than you do

Ray and Sol specialises in website design + personal branding to help highlight your authentic self.

What is your businesses USP?**SPOILER ALERT** It's you.

Most people don’t realise this, but YOU are what makes YOUR business so extraordinary. It’s my mission (through the power of design) to bring this magic to life + show the world what you are made of.


Ready to become instantly recognisable? Together we can create something super authentic that feels right for you. It’s time to turn some heads + help your small independent business flourish.

Ray and Sol Personal Branding

Website Design

Websites that are easy to manage + visually stunning. Unique website design will give out professional vibes to get you noticed, boost sales + make the day to day running of things easier.

Ray and Sol Website Design

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hey, im ray

Weird, wild, and still a bit of a child.

Exploring anything + everything I can. Read my long story short to find out how I ended up where I am now doing what I love.

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